Yes, I am counting. Two years go this time I wasn’t sure there would be anniversary, being rolled into the OR. I don’t really have that much to say so will get to it:

  • still on quarterly MRI scans. I am a pro in it, even managed to do it without Xanax last time and know which machine type I prefer 🙂
  • Blow through the deductible pretty quickly though – still expensive
  • No more drugs!
  • Hair is back fully and kind of loving it the short haircuts + color
  • Diet back to maintain, don’t go crazy on carbs but not strict either
  • Work still on, busier than ever but very mindful of stress and burn out
  • Not much time for gym but experimenting with the Peleton app on my smart TV in a basement – wait for it
  • A bit more obsessed with the news on glioma progress – watching all the new trial developments and subscribing to super dry medical newsletters – wow, the life with cancer stuff. Doesn’t get much more exciting.
  • Oh, and Frontiers of Neurology anyone? I am sort of famous – in a very unique, bizarre community.

In general, life is back to normal without me thinking about it much. Except those awesome cancer commercials on TV or me being an occasional peer survivor or pep-talker to someone’s friend (which I don’t mind) – there is very little reminder of 2 years ago. Yes, every headache or some sort of tingling is a bit unnerving, anything with eyes particularly. Memory is funny but getting better. Still here, celebrating 🙂

Life in 2019