Other adventures in Arizona Utah

When we weren’t working, we were exploring the natural treasures of this part of the country. Here are some of our favorites:

Buffalo and mountain goats sighting on the way to Zion – just out there, eating grass, way bigger than I thought. I stayed far away but the kids were on the fence talking to them like they were pets! Friendly, thankfully. Mountain goats just literally stepped off the mountain on a very windy road through Zion which made me a bit nervous. Not as wild as I would have thought.

Sandboarding in Coral Sands Dunes State Park – totally random stop, a bit of a desert with super pink sand. Sandboarding was hot, quite the physical hike up the hill in sand (where are the skiing lifts) and lots of sand everywhere – but a big hit with the kids. Parents – puffing and huffing with gallon of water up and down sand hills and hot like hell – your call. I’d say seeing the kids happy made me happy to but no – not for long, believe me. They were also huffing/puffing after a while….

Getting lost on the way to Inchworm Arch – never got to it. Google did but we didn’t in the wilderness. Of course, with No Service in the middle of nowhere we quickly realized we are very dependent on technology and gave up. One would think we could spot it – nope, no clue where it is even today.

Exploring restaurants in Kanab – as my previous post indicated, some pretty cool one. Ate out every night and didn’t regret it. Vermillion 45, Sugo, Rocking Cafe – all great choices and nice reward after full day. We did breakfasts in our town home and you know how the vegan lunches went.

…. and the best experience…

Lake Powell

I have seen the pictures and heard but wasn’t ready. This is close to the most amazing piece of nature I have seen – just stunning. Absolutely picturesque, amazingly clean, awesome water temperature, free of crowds, tons of stuff to do on the water – I mean it doesn’t get any better.

The lodging is a bit scarce, one resort on the lake itself – rest is in small town of Page, AZ. Super happy we found a room at the resort – only because of the unbeatable location on the lake. Totally average from service and facilities. Overpriced food since you are stuck, so so staff. Great premises and potential. Speak French anyone? You would have after a few days, the place was absolutely sold out and with French vacationers, mostly. And with Dutch RV tourists, of course!

We opted to rent a powerboat for a day and honestly I have no idea what else we would be doing there, if we didn’t. There is no beach or access to it, very raw so you are stuck without a boat. We were a little nervous at first, never drove one and the lake is huge – but it was probably the best day we’ve had. Do not do anything else – get the tube and paddleboard on the boat and get out there for a day. 8 hours went by like nothing – little picnic, swimming, tubing – amazing day.

Flying on the tube – all 3 are on it

Nothing else to say but to show off some pictures really.

Peek-a-Boo slot canyon ATV tour

I did this earlier in the year with Lucas and Mia and it was such a success that we did it again, all of us. Apparently dust everywhere is the kids idea of heaven, so why not?

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