I love travel – always did, always will.

I grew up in communist Europe but was lucky enough to spend 4 years of my formative years in Asia. Nobody got to travel much at that time, but somehow my parents figured out how to take us places. Not always together (you had to leave some family at home as a security deposit) – but nevertheless, my brother and I have seen a lot growing up. We spent our elementary and middle school years in Afghanistan, during the Soviet war, and as I grow older I think those were one of the most influential years for me. Being exposed to such a different world, cultural experiences and complete opposites of what you consider normal was liberating and mind opening.

Brian, my husband, and I traveled a lot before we had kids. We never went to dangerous, war-torn places but always tried to immerse ourselves into local cultures, try everything and do everything. I was lucky enough to travel for work and continued the explorations.

Today, we have 3 kids and we find it hard to resist the travel bug. Given that my family is in Europe and Australia, we want to and have to travel. And I am determined to expose the kids to other cultures and variety of experiences so they know that “world is an open book and those that don’t travel, read only one page”. We are on a mission to complete the book together !

So this blog is a mix of family travel, my work travel, my travel dreams and memories that I want to capture on paper before they start disappearing …..


(and while I do work for IBM and travel for work or assignments at times, the views expressed here are my own)

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  1. I really like your choice of blog subject matter. I started out with fiction and wanted to be able to speak to anything really. But there’s a phrase, “don’t talk religion and politics in polite company” that I feel obligated to follow. My conservative side. So I chose running. Still, I comment on anything. 😉

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