The Look of week 5

Week 4 was all about hair, fatigue and bumming around with mum. We sat around, strategized on new hair accessories, went to radiation, tried some keto recipes, slept and binge watched Czech movies. My hair was 85% gone – only hair around my face was visible, but back was a large spot – sort of like waiting for yamaka to be put on – or that old English monk priest haircut with a circle of bald hair. So, overall, not a great look, I thought. Hence – let’s dive into new styles!

Piedmont Hospital has a hair lady that specializes in cancer patients. So much stuff there – except I have large head and not many wigs are made in large. Apparently, the wig manufacturers didn’t figure out how to sew in a few centimeters of extra lace/hair – hmm – sounds like rocket science, doesn’t it? So that left me with a few choices – some puffy that I’d look like Ru Paul or Marge from Simpsons, some with a price tag of $2,500 which I wasn’t thrilled about…. but I walked out with hair rather similar to mine and a bunch of scarves, fancy wraps and lots of instructions how to take care of a wig – boy, do I need another thing to take care of? It has its own head, some pins, special brush and conditioner and I am not qualified to wash it – this is not raising my confidence 🙂 I can’t wash a bunch of synthetic hair after the fabulous job I did on my head doll when I was 11? Apparently not. Picture to come as I am testing my scarves now.

Me in Kabul in 1985 – Xmas – with the best gift ever – the head doll

I do like the no hair feeling, strangely enough. Its light, regulates your body temperature way better and so easy on maintenance (and products!). Of course mum says I look younger and my head shape is beautiful 🙂 But its so comfortable that I am questioning some of the other accessories – maybe temporarily here and there and before the hair actually grows back a bit more. It was definitely the feeling of your hair left in your hand and everywhere else – and slowly coming off – that made me feel sick. Not now. I also didn’t feel like this was the milestone to celebrate, as I know lots of folks do shaving parties. Nah, this is just a symptom, the reason to celebrate will be when I am clear and done with Phase 2.

I also learned that the hair may grow back in the same color I was born with – so here is something to look forward to 🙂

Me at 2 years old

My fatigue is likely related to super low blood pressure (85/55) so working on that – which means eating way more regularly as I can definitely feel it. I also got some good news on the molecular structure of my tumor (yes, did I just say that – what the hell does that mean?). I don’t know but I have 25 pages of some DNA and molecular genetics to prove it. But I am taking good news in volume. Apparently, my body also has some markers that are more responsive to immunotherapy – all that in the future if we ever deal with this again. 9 more days of radiation and I am counting every day. Today, the machine had to be restarted when I was in it and instead of my 3 songs, we had to go to 7 – and I was antsy – “get me out of this thing NOW!”) Good old Roxette (thank you my Swedish friend of the early 90s – Helena) saved the day and I made it through – I definitely got the Look this week though!


  1. I’ve been thinking about you since your post last week. I almost started to write this afternoon, but I guessed you might blog before end of day tomorrow. Now I’m glad I waited.

    Hair stories: Losing my hair from chemo during the long-ago cancer was devastating. However, like you, once it was gone, I enjoyed some things (no products or time spent taming my hair according to uniform requirements, cooler during a hot southern California summer). I had been concerned about strange ridges on my head or the back of my neck, but I discovered I had a nicely shaped head. Best yet, when my hair came back, it came back somewhat less kinky.

    There were many less options back in 1990, but I enjoyed terry-cloth turbans with bangs attached. My wig (cheap, because I was 21 and earned a very low income) itched after a while, and I would usually ditch it mid-day. (I was in my Marine Corps camouflage uniform, so it it weren’t for my pregnant belly, I would have looked just like one of the guys.)

    I’m sorry you’re feeling exhausted, but so happy that you’re more than half done! Hang in there!

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  2. Glad you’re on the “downhill side” of the radiation. I can see the “plus” side of chemo, your skin looks fantastic. 😄. Enjoy the faster timeframe for getting ready. Soon this will be past. Take care!

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