Doing nothing at Kiawah

After 2 years, we are at the beach again – just the 5 of us. Well, actually last time we did beach at Hilton Head, it was the 4 of us and Mia at about to pop out, so let’s just say – not particularly active.

This time – all can swim, 2 can bike, no strollers, no hippo crawling with the family (yes, that was me), one extra dog. So we decided to do something different and a little more natural. Kiawah has always been on our list as the “best island in the country”, and given it is 5 hours away – why not?

So far, we love it. The house is gorgeous, with a view and porch over a lagoon with a family pet – a 9 ft. alligator who comes to about 4 feet away from us regularly – freaking me out. We knew she was here but thought sort of in a distance? But yesterday when we got here, she quietly swam to our terrace, watching us. Kids loved it, Brian and I cautiously observing where any one of them can fall in to become Allie’s snack. Of course there is a tree to climb right over the alligator’s hang out.

We love the no plan vacation, we literally are just hanging out, biking to a beach, searching for shells, crabs and playing games. Only one thing was carefully planned and that is Lucas’s 8th years birthday on Monday – a fishing trip on a sailboat !

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