Sailing for the birthday boy

Yesterday Lucas turned 8. He was very funny about it as he kept telling everyone that he is almost 8, until 5.53 pm when he was born. We planned a sailing trip to fish around the island for just the 5 of us on a larger sailing boat and were really excited for it. The morning was a little rushed as I had to pick up the cake at the only grocery store on the island (20 mins away), Brian to make a huge celebration breakfast and get us ready for a 10 am departure. Dogs walked, fed, set up in the house, kids dressed, lotions on, towels and lunches ready, hats on, drinks,…. you name it – it is quite the expedition with us!

We got on the boat, got an orientation as to where the little ones can fall and how they can hurt themselves – and off we went. Five mins in, Mia needs to go to the bathroom which is her regular “get to know the place, lets check out the bathroom”. As I handed her off to Brian in the cabin, she threw up all over him – and I mean everywhere. I took her to clean her and she continued. Since then, she basically was in a rhythm of every 15 mins gag. Every towel, piece of clothing on me and Brian was gone. She continued like this for the rest of the trip.

Mia's sailing position

While the boys had a blast sailing, B and I stank and handed vomit to each other – well you know, what wouldn’t you do for an enjoyable day…

Pretty safe to say that Mia is not a sailor. She was out the entire  4 hours and the second she stepped on the ground, she was up herself asking where the dolphins are. Yes, the 4 of us saw lots of dolphins, turtle, awesome birds – all while you were in a seasick coma, sweetie! Brian even caught 2 strange looking fish and a stingray! The rest of us were just testing our patience with fishing, which for me was more of a relaxation of quiet staring at the water – for boys a torture ! Max proclaimed 10 mins into it that fishing is boring and he wants to do a cannonball into the water. Well – no cannonball there but got to drive the boat and that was it for fishing. We ended the day at the beach with a family bocce tournament, cake and nice at home dinner. Overall, a fantastic day – and Lucas in awe with his new watch ! It is crabbing day tomorrow!


  1. Belated birthday wishes to Lucas. Thanks for sharing your experiences Misha. Some people take to water like a fish and others don’t perhaps. Poor Mia. Best wishes to your beautiful family,


  2. Misa, you are HANDS DOWN the best blogger I’ve ever read! And just when you’ve made me tenderly nostalgic for my own baby daughter (all grown up now), POW come the memory of that dry burp before she spews barf — and, hey, I’m over it and realize how cool she looks in her business duds navigating corporate shoals and reefs! Not sure if you realize the fun (and depth) of your sharing — but following you is a total blast. Enjoy the rest of your well-deserved vacation!


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