Exactly one year ago, I was sitting on a plane to Morocco, not having a clue what is ahead of me. Well, there was a lot but most if all, there were great people, experiences and memories. So iWt was fantastic when Yan Kai sent me a quick What’sApp message last week saying she will be in Atlanta for a conference. I picked her up in a hotel last night and brought her home as the kids wanted to meet her. She was so sweet to bring them some real Chinese made toys (which somehow were 3x more popular than the ones we buy here with the Made in China sticker) – mostly because the wrapping was all in Chinese which they were fascinated by. She brought Mia a first ever Barbie – which Mia suspiciously observed, tossed and dove for Max’s Spiderman bakugan. She did sleep with her but not very warm relationship there yet.

We then headed out to Noches for just a girls dinner, reminiscing and good margaritas. We also agreed that we need to keep visiting everyone – and possibly do an annual retreat in one of the more exotic and warm countries – like Mexico (hint, Laura!) and Brazil (hint, Lavinia!)! Here we come… but in the meantime we will have the quintessential IBM conference call with everyone on Monday morning 🙂