Tourist at home

We scored incredible flight tickets to Prague over Black Friday so spring break it was – literally the ticket was $120 + fees, so it came to $400 a person which I have not seen in the 17 years I am in the US. Of course, I was a bit suspicious as to how the airline will treat us for this price – but we had our seats (and not 7 miles apart!) so it was a winner.

Our first 2 days were in Prague where we became the tourists. Somehow I always need to see the quintessential Prague – the bridge, the clock, the castle. You know – the stuff I saw everyday for 20+ years but hardly ever lifted my head to really see it. For me it is soul-calming and really being home… even though I am attacked by hundreds of selfie sticks and phones/cameras and 10+ languages – Korean, Chinese the most lately.

Of course, the biggest success is always the public transport. How much I miss it – my gosh! The most convenient, cheap and informative way to see anything. We literally hopped on and off – metro, tram, bus, you name it we were on it. It beats the traffic and the price is unbeatable ($4 a day for adults and $2 for kids). Beat that American highways which totally collapsed the day we were doing this (see I85 in Atlanta). Of course, I can’t drive manual stick anymore so what option did we have? 🙂

We also ventured out on our accommodation just a bit – as with the 5 of us it is increasingly more difficult to stay in my parents’ 100 sq meter apartment with 1 bathroom and a dog. So we went full blown Airbnb and loved it. Scored a gorgeous penthouse in Prague 2, right on the metro with the view to die for. IMG_0039

We have become quite the Airbnb family fans. So much more space, comfort of kitchen and breakfast at home – and many of the hosts are also great in providing you with maps, recommendations and a bit of a local experience. Definitely a winner for a family of 5…. and here are a few pictures of the crew sightseeing at 24C – very unusual for Prague in April. cfc0a41c-1980-43a1-b383-09270701c42b

We learned that even non-alcoholic beer has alcohol, after I gave a whole one to Lucas to drink – who was horrified. Uber works just as well but taxis are still preferred. People are very confused when I speak fluent Czech and then turn to speak English to the rest of my crazy family. Starbucks is making its way everywhere and I am annoyed by it – especially at very historical places like Prague Castle. And that trains are THE way to travel around Europe….

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