Drinking city with music problem

Yep, that’s Nashville – have been living 3 hours away from it for 8 years now so about time to make our way there, right? Everyone who has gone is in awe so expectations were super high. We went alone for an adult weekend only.

I am not a huge music buff, let alone country kind of music. I certainly enjoy Dixie Chicks or Zac Brown Band but outside of these 2, I have kindergarten knowledge of this genre – so was a bit skeptical on me and the city gelling. But I was so wrong!

Our hotel – awesome. We decided to do something modern, new and hip – so picked Thompson Nashville and got exactly that. Gorgeous design, very minimalistic, white/gold/grey style that also confirmed my long standing obsession with designer bathrooms – again. Hotel had a beautiful sky bar with lounge which made us feel very “in” because there was a line for elevators in the lobby every night to get to the roof – and we just walked through like the superstars we are 🙂 There was even this perfume smell of men’s cologne in the lobby that made you feel like you just walked into a fashion show / store – very unique.


Food was excellent – I really got into the Nashville hot chicken – and yes, even had it for breakfast – contrary to our habit of not waiting in line to get to a restaurant – we actually waited to get into the Biscuit love which is a famous breakfast place. And it was excellent – not just food wise, but the line moved so fast, food got out immediately – so 5 star operationally too! We also got great Ramen noodles and ventured into 2 local hip restaurants – highly recommend Urban Grub.


Of course we had to do Broadway and the Country Music Hall of Fame. I strangely learned a lot and really enjoyed it. The Cowboys were playing the Packers in play offs so we hopped into Tin Roof on Broadway to listen to 2 live bands while cheering – and drinking a bit too much of beer as the Cowboys lost. But loved the live bands – they were simply excellent, unbelievably talented, funny and played anything / anyone requested. Our pathetic knowledge of country music hits resurfaced but we made up for it with our great moves and beer skills. I was reminded that I haven’t been to see live music in a while – and how much we loved it.

We also did a hop-on-the-tourbus sightseeing which was just what we needed – seeing city in 4 hours – including the bit bizarre Parthenon?! Yes, apparently Nashville was known as the Athens of the South so they made a whole replica for a big exhibit which stayed around – it is a bit out of place in my view.


The famous Music Row (one that I never heard of) was a street of residential homes that you’d mistake for regular neighborhood – but it is were all the recordings and country wannabes want to be. I was never so out of touch with cultural phenomenon but absorbed a lot and to be honest play country music on Alexa a bit more now 🙂

So high five to Nashville – a growing city of very friendly people, great food and lots of drinking! We will be back….

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