The craziest interview ever

If anyone can make any decision based on the 45 minutes Rio 2016 volunteer interview I participated in today – wow, you are a mind reader.

  • 1 pm login to Webex – I am the first one there
  • Slowly, images of various other ladies start showing up, with no audios and in and out pictures
  • 15 minutes spent figuring out the audio/video, half the people can’t see or hear anything – I myself felt like I was on a speed train in the middle of Eastern Europe – so noisy
  • The interviewer starts the “feel great” Rio 2016 2 minutes video – it actually does get you excited and you feel like you are there, except that you are sitting in your office staring at a laptop. Environment that has as much common with Rio Olympics as I have with Stephen Hawkins.
  • Intros – heard every 4th word, lots of noise, pictures moving. But I did decipher there were 7 young women from all over the world, Russia, Poland, UK, Canada, Germany Ireland and one young man from Lithuania with me. They wanted your age, name, country and athlete you admire. Since I went first, I went for Florence Griffith Joyner – I am sure most of my co-interviewees were not even alive when she was sprinting as I was the oldest.

Then, when it looked like the interview was over (what interview?), we got 10 minutes to work on an activity together while the interviewer was gone (hmm, thought that was the part where you actually watch but maybe they recorded it for future viewing?). We were asked to come up with a slogan and a jingle for a company that we would ask for sponsoring the Olympics – a bit strange, unclear due to noises on the phone and chaotic – but we did come up with something. Thankfully there was chat! And that was it….

A bit bizarre, in November they start sending out the offers for the volunteer positions. I think I meet the basic requirements 🙂 below so really curious how this is going to work out – stay tuned….

capture 2

I apologize for publicizing the names of my co-interviewees but this blog does not have that many viewers so no fame coming…


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