Rio 2016 – maybe?

One adventure behind me, another one MAYBE in front again. Yes, Brian (my husband) is rolling his eyes but this is why I am lovable 🙂 Anyway – no idea if this will happen or if I’ll actually do it – but last year I signed up with other 250,000 people to audition for the Rio 2016 Olympics volunteer team. I have never been to the Olympics but visited about half of the cities that hosted and the respective Olympic villages – including the one I live in – Atlanta 1996. I have always been fascinated by the events, followed it rigorously and wanted to see it and be there. Well, what better way to do it then actually be part of it!

The process has been interesting. First, sign up during the deadline with thousands of other world travelers, rio2016 v2then pretty much forget you did it because nothing happens. Then all of a sudden get invited to every single language test you can do – online on the portal. I told them I could speak Russian, English, German, French and Spanish – mind you all on a VERY VERY different levels. My online tests were in listening and multiple choice test. It was actually hard but what was really funny (and yes my family is still teasing me on this) is that my highest rated language turned out to be Russian which I haven’t spoken in more than 20 years, then English (only intermediate, go figure), then Spanish, French and German…. boy, what a mess. I sure hope I am not supporting the Russian and Argentinian teams as that would be a rocky road. Nobody cared about my Czech, hmmmm….

Then, just as I was leaving India 3 weeks ago (literally the day I was packing), I got an invite for an online Webex interview – again, I totally forgot I signed up and was still a bit high from all the India adventures – so Brazil? My interview is tomorrow so wait for the next blog post 🙂


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