Hydrotherapy = water x 8

I love spas – but who doesn’t. There is something so serene and completely unnaturally calming about them. Where can you listen to slow, a little sleepy/creepy and unidentifiable music while you lay in robe, some funky looking slippers you’d be embarrassed to wear anywhere else, had no make up on, sipped cucumber green tea – and pretend this is so totally your everyday relaxation life!

Vacation is not vacation without a spa treatment. Brian and I had a free hydrotherapy with our package so we were all in for whatever this was to be. B was sarcastically joking that we are likely to get a bath or someone will throw us in a shower – and maybe ask us a few questions on how we feel or want to feel – that being the “therapy” part of it. As you can tell, we do not undergo hydrotherapy everyday – so how exciting was this !

Imagine this – you have a spa sitter, a woman/or man who are constantly walking you around, handing you your robe or towel, telling you how long you should be in which bath, picking you up with tea, giving you head massage while you rest. And that’s not even the hydrotherapy part yet !

Here is the drill, for the amateurs:

  1. Take a shower –
  2. Go to steam room, get a scrub to rub all over yourself – hot hot hot
  3. Go to sauna, hot hot hot
  4. Go to an ice room – yes, I have never been to one either – cold cold cold – and rub ice all over yourself – push a button on a wall when you are done  – and not knowing what is coming – expect a freezing water come with a smell of eucalyptus
  5. Go to an inside, large, jacuzzi-like pool with some awesome chairs in the water, lots of water currents to massage you – see the tubes below2014-07-19 16.04.28
  6. Lie down in a very relaxing room with diffusing lemongrass and have your “spa butler” massage your scalp and put some nice smelling things in your hair – close to fall into comma after all this relaxation
  7. Go and sit in the pool above – and yes, it was as empty as this – just the 2 of us!
  8. Pick the soggy, yet soft and wet yourself, and walk to your villa for the last water place !

And then you are about ready to dry up, get dressed and head out for the late afternoon drink !!

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