Bathroom design obsession in Mexico

After a long hiatus in international travel, we hit Mexico – just me and B – for my birthday getaway. The practical me decided to do something close by, beach, great food and total spoiled relaxation – hmm, practical or a little self-centered? Well, whatever adjective fits, we needed a getaway and my 40 was a great excuse.

We picked Nizuc Resort, a relatively new resort in Cancun – and boy, we scored. Well, my travel agent, Laura Madrid did. As I get older I realize the value of a travel agent for special trips – memorable, top notch service and something extra on top of it. This is the type of resort that you read about in Condenast magazine – and you just go “awwwh”. Yes, we are in that type of resort – so stop reading now if you are stuck in the office because this is going to be awww – so -awesome!

Flight uneventful – but I was a little perplexed that the Atlanta newly opened International terminal has half of its flights going to New Hampshire or Kansas, while Cancun and Dominican Republic are at the domestic terminals. Packed plane, B and I the only people on the plane (truly) playing Trivia on the screen with each other and kicking butt – yes, the geeks are on the route – watch out ! Sad to report that I lost to my US-trivia full husband – since most questions were still US vs. world focused.

Hotel – minimalist, modern architecture, all grey/white and wood – just gorgeous. My house needs to look like that – so the trip may turn out to be more pricy than we thought! See for yourself below. Ultimate luxury, with a free upgrade to a villa with our own pool, Porcelanosa bathroom (my weakness), beautiful accessories and outside shower !! Every hotel I go to, I swear bathroom design is what gets me (remember my Spanish one?). I want to move here – even if I live in the bathroom. The size could have fit our 3 children and 2 dogs here if there were beds – this was as big as our first ground floor (but the whole point was that we were “sans” our children). We had our own butler – who we had no idea how to use – so that must have been our not-so-rich genes talking – what do you do with a butler in a resort where all you do is sit, tan, read, swim, get drinks – and there is nothing else you need? Osvaldo was a little underutilized at villa 521.

Next…. our days filled with spa, beach lazy doing-nothing-at-all, reading ….. yes, it does happen.





  1. Misha – sounds heavenly and I’m sure that with the year you’ve had, this was just what you needed. Happy Birthday!


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