Imaginary travel time

It has been 2 months since I got home from the Morocco / Spain journey and as expected was getting a little antsy that no travel is on our calendar. I have started browsing travel website randomly which is always a dangerous sign that I am up to plan something. Over the Labor day weekend, we are going “yurt” camping locally so that counts – but I had something a little more exciting in mind.

Yurt as a camping hut !
Yurt as a camping hut !

I love maps so this great visual got me thinking of how much of the world we still haven’t seen. International travel is not cheap when it is 5 of you + 2 dogs at home to have care for, so decided to go for more of a regional travel this time. We are going to our favorite skiing place – Vail, Colorado over Thanksgiving. Two out of the 3 midgets will be able to go to skiing school which is supposedly the best skiing school in the world – well, they do give them hot cocoa, lunch and take them on magic carpet – so what’s not to love?

Southern Georgia and Colorado, here we come! Something to look forward to… stay tuned for my civilized camping as a family of 5 + 2 dogs post….

And almost forgot, escaped to my little China yesterday for very authentic Chinese foot massage in my local non English speaking Jiao place. The nicest people, no English, great work, $35 / hour, Chinese tasteful decor, Chinese music – and 1 hour of heaven – it actually feels like you are in the middle of Beijing or Shanghai… so here is my virtual travel on Sunday afternoon.


  1. I too am interested in the Yurt experience. We just talked this weekend about why do we think an entire week has to be scheduled. Let’s go do a weekend bike and camping trip. I can’t wait to hear more about the camping.


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