Moroccan baking at home

I tried to bake the Moroccan cookies that the Tangier women taught us. Well, didn’t turn out nearly as well as I expected – see on the right. The whole thing flattened out and became a big cookie sheet, it tasted well though. Good thing the kids can’t read the blog yet, so they had no expectations on shape and loved it

It is all about expectation setting after all !

I have tried to keep up with some Moroccan traditions at home and remember the things I wanted to incorporate into our life, such as:

  • mint tea – have so much mint in my backyard as a weed – great use of it !
  • using the phrase of Insh’allah a lot !
  • spraying my pillow with rosewater (not a real one, just something out of Bath Body Works)
  • thinking about how we as a family can make a bigger impact into some of the lives of less unfortunate – didn’t figure out the best way yet
  • trying to keep in touch with the team as often as I can
  • encouraged that 2 of my team members are going on a CSC assignment in 2014 so excited to follow their blog in the future

As for my travels, I just returned from Boulder, Colorado where I went for a week worth of training. It doesn’t really qualify as much of a trip as I went from airport, to hotel to the office to restaurant, hotel and back. Terribly exciting – but as usual I love the Colorado lifestyle – did you see that that whole area around Boulder and Longmont is one of the happiest in the country? I just wish I could actually explore it and enjoy it. But, we are planning a trip over there for Thanksgiving – Vail for skiing so stay tuned ! #ibmcsc

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