It has been a while since I thought about blogging but I wanted to put some personal reflections on the CSC experience and will get to it straight away:

What I learned about myself from the business perspective:

  • I miss consulting, I really do – the intensity, thought process, speed, learning curve and the high when you are done !
  • I miss interacting with clients directly and “lending” my expertise where it is needed
  • I love teaching and passing what I know to make others better
  • I think I know something about something and I always realize that “not so much”, there is always something else to learn
  • I love the “global” aspect of IBM, the cultures, the people and the opportunities you get
  • The cultures of other countries really pass on to the business environment and most of the time, you can deal with it and adapt – but at times, it feels as the culture is used as an excuse. Nothing wrong for the cultures to adapt to others.
  • This is such an amazing time for Africa – and there is SO MUCH opportunity there – I feel like I could do much more there and hope to return sometimes
  • The non-profit sector is a fascinating area that I was never exposed to – but very competitive and intricate too

I confirmed that I love travel and would like to move again to a different country and expose Lucas, Max and Mia to those – by living it, not just visiting. I learned that I like blogging so will stick to it – at times. I have little patience for “it is too hard” or “impossible” as an excuse at many circumstances.

I am sure there are others but I am back at real world with lots of little ones looking for attention, crazy week at work, getting ready for yard sale, planning a trip to Boulder, writing 4 decks, writing mid-year reviews, and celebrating my birthday today. Morocco feels very far away… #ibmcsc