Viva la Espana!

Vacation! I am exhausted post month of work and cultural endeavors while Brian had a full month of childcare to worry about – so we are ready for some time off. We met in Madrid in a super nice hotel, felt like Soho in London really, gorgeous room/bathroom – but honestly Hampton Inn would have been better than my room in Tangier after a month, I just needed a change. We went for drink on the roof and then walked around Madrid, Prado and got some tapas for dinner. That has pretty much been our plan everyday, through Cordoba yesterday and Seville today. Sightseeing, wine, tapas, wine, sightseeing, hotel.

We loved Cordoba and the cathedral – it was truly magnificent and such a wonderful mix of islam, christianity and overall history. We even managed to handle the 37C weather because as the receptionist mentioned “this is just spring, we are used to 45 and 50C” right, are you crazy? We are driving around which is also an experience on its own, streets are just about 2 inches wider than our little Alpha Romeo so I am squeaking with fear while B is fitting in with no problem. I could NOT drive here. We also realized why the highway was totally empty on the way here – it costs a fortune, we paid 10 euros for about 50 km, so weren’t sure if we’ll even make it down to south under 100 euros !

We really are enjoying the country and the quiet little Spanish towns – especially the food, the wine and very laid-back attitude. We follow siesta and dinner at 11 pm and it feels natural here – of course, it does help that we don’t have to get up at 630 am to go anywhere. Off to Granada tomorrow!

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