It’s over for CSC Morocco

So a month comes to an end. It went by incredibly fast and ended with a big day in the IBM office in Casablanca. We had a press conference with the General Manager of IBM Central and North Africa, GM of IBM Morocco, one of the clients dr. Chreibi – and two of our own French speakers, Lavinia and Rikard. They did a fabulous job discussing their experience in fluent French and being the spokespeople for the projects. Lavinia even corrected the GM who introduced me as from the US – and added that I am really Czech 🙂 You go girl and thank you! You were so natural and spoke from heart and it showed and made your speech stand out – I was so proud of you out there. (how couldn’t a Brazilian woman stand out in this crowd?:-))

Lavinia, Central and North Africa GM, Morocco GM, dr. Chreibi and Rikard
Lavinia, Central and North Africa GM, Morocco GM, dr. Chreibi and Rikard

The press release for our work is here – I am disappointed that the release decided to focus on the technologies we (the FTAM team) recommended as it wasn’t really our focus – it was the strategy and organization. I am also surprised that our client name was in incorrect order – if anything, we should get our client’s name right – but it is what it is. Every information is an information on its own – as we learned. We had a brief roundtable with some IBM Morocco employees afterwards and a brief chat with Nick Redshaw, the IBM GM for North and Central Africa. He is responsible for 53 countries in the region which struck me as a lot (!!).


I will have some more pictures from the past week on the pictures side soon as we exchanged gigabytes of pictures among all of us and while the CSC is officially over, this blog continues as I will recap some of the most impactful and fun moments later for me personally – probably AFTER our vacation ! #ibmcsc

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  1. Thank you, Misha! It makes me proud to make you proud 🙂 Thanks for being an inspiration, I’m sure I will learn a lot from you as your mentee. Have a nice and relaxing time in Spain!


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