Amen to technology…

Where would I be without today’s technology… I do tend to appreciate it so much more when I travel. Today, Ryosuke told Lavinia and I that he has his own wifi spot and that we can all connect to it from anywhere – which completely changed our world ! The network has been less than reliable in the hotel – and since AT&T sent me a lovely text right as I landed that despite me buying a global data plan, they will happily charge me $20/MB  – wifi was my way to connect with the world ! I was so happy when he told as – leave it to the Japanese to figure out the technology ! So from now on, we can sit by the beach, in one of the cafes, in the restaurant, hotel porch and work as a team from anywhere…

I call home everyday – through the hotel network – and love the free iphone apps that let you do videoconferencing and texting – and loving Tango more and more over Skype ! Mia seems to be the most interested one in talking to me on the iphone so here is a snapshot of our daily conversations. #ibmcsc

Mia and I on Tango

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