Discovering Tangier

It has been a busy set of few days. Tangier is much more than I imagined and here are some small snippets

As we were arriving, a soccer game was ending and thousands of young men (and absolutely no women) were in streets, catching free rides on cars – it felt like a surreal movie a bit.


Our hotel is very charming, it is a labyrinth of lounge rooms in a typical Moroccan style with fantastic view – this is what I am looking at everyday.

IMG_0522Yesterday, some Moroccans were sitting at the porch, playing guitars and singing very international repertoire – so I just spent an hour listening on my balcony reading and absorbing. This is our hotel.


We have also started exploring the city, medina and the restaurants, of course. I wished we had a little kitchen as the fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheese and everything fresh in the markets makes me want to cook !

Greg and Yan Kai going thru the menu
Laura and Willa picking between all the tajinas
exploring the medina
Spain and Gibraltar behind me across the trait
little streets of old medina




movie theater – just out of the 40s


Today, we spent the afternoon with some students at the American School of Tangier – it was a great way to give them some idea on what skill to start building. This was an impressive crowd though – all spoke fluent English, Arabic, French and Spanish – so not a bad start for a global career ! I was also super proud of my team mate Ryosuke from Japan –  who just started learning English in January. He stood up in front of the entire group and discussed how to embrace challenge and not take the easy route. He is the prime example of that – his English was broken, yet he had the courage to give a speech and challenge them – it was a great team and IBM moment ! And he had a great ovation from everyone – way to go, Ryo ! #ibmcsc

Daniel kicking off and Ryo in the background.

us in AST


    • Absolutely Fantastic!! Love the view from the hotel and all the fresh fish makes me hungry!! Can’t wait to see more!
      Cheers! Please say hello from IBM America!!


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