When 13.5 hours flight is a good thing

We made it and not to boast, the midgets were absolute troopers. First, do you realize how relative “bad” things are? Let me tell you….
Throughout the airport, we got mostly sympathetic looks from everyone – one retired Marine even told us that “there is a new pope and we should nominate you for sainthood”, well not so fast… When we got on the plane, the screen says 13.5 hours to Seoul which was great news – we were counting on 15! So little to be excited about.
I realized that we were ready for 40 plus hours – books, iPad, iPhone, iPod, stickers, snacks, crayons, headsets – you name it, we had it and all in 2 adult backpacks and 2 kids backpacks. The Korean Air was pretty good, the stewardesses kept coming by to check on Mia when she cried – but I couldn’t figure out if it was because she was cute or because they were trying to calm her down to have a quiet flight. It was suspiciously timed around her rare outbursts of dissatisfaction which was severely demonstrated during turbulence when she rejected any seat belts and was determined to walk around and say Hi to literally everyone. But she did sleep for 8 hours. The boys got their game time for a year and passed out for 8 hours straight.

Lucas ‘s observations:
1. Mia will get kicked out of the plane because she is not buckled
2. Everyone on this plane looks like the guy who sings Gangnam style
3. We WILL miss our plane since we are wasting our time in the bathroom (while at Atlanta airport)
4. Where does the pee and poo go in the plane bathroom?
5. Makes no sense to fly thru Canada and Russia, just go thru Pacific Ocean – the captain probably doesn’t know where Korea is or got C in geography

Max’s one major observation – “Well, it is good the North Koreans didn’t bomb us”, out loud as we are circling Seoul and landing… yeah, it was very good they didn’t shoot us down, Maxie…

The mind of a 6 year old – and as I am typing this on the 12th hour of the Seoul flight, everyone is asleep – so hallelujah to our next leg, 5.5 hours is a walk for this family 🙂

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