Lucas’s first blog feature

Lucas is writing his own diary while we are here for his classmates so this will be his feature, at times:

Day 1:
Yesterday I was in Korea. I liked it. Next I was on airplane for 5 hores (hours). So I playd phone games for 2 hores (hours). Then I got to Thailand, after that I met a guy name Nett. He is are (our) gide (guide). That night I sleep. In the morning, I bought a water gun at the Songkrat festival. Finly (finally), I went to the pool and played commando.

Day 2:
I went to a elofent (elephant) ride. It was fun. Next, I went on a raft, it was fun too. Then I ate and played. After that I shot people with my water gun. Before that, I saw long neck chribs (tribes). One gave me a music frog. Last, I went to the pool.

Day 3:
I went to a hike 1-21 stops. (Mum’s comment: this one was written in a car so I can’t decipher it so here is a picture), he will explain it when he is back 🙂

He went for a hike, see a pagoda for a Thai king and queen and to a King of Chiang Mai grave. See pictures …..and as always, a pool at the end !

My translation (mama writing) now…
The elephants were amazing and they are super smart. Did you know they can paint? Really paint? Well, we bought a painting by an elephant so it will be hanging at the boys’ room soon, come by ! The ride was awesome – and a little scary as elephants are tall and when you go down, you need to hold on not to fall out of there – our elephant’s name was Helena – and you can see the whole family on elephants in the picture under Elephant trekking on the blog !

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