Cheers to a quiet Korean Peninsula !

Two days to go and it feels like a scramble. My list keeps growing with little things that I need to do. The great thing is that Korean Peninsula is still peaceful since that is our first stop – so all is relative.

In the spirit of preparations, I got travel insurance for delay and cancellations in case of war  – one product I hope not to consume. The good thing is that packing is very light, its over 40C or 100F in Chiang Mai so shirts, shorts and bathing suits only. The boys are collecting their entertainment for the 15 hour flight and I am contemplating if I drug them or ourselves. The irony is that they will be entertained with all the technology – it is the midget who will be hard to keep quiet and together. I will rely on her good looks, sweet smile and gorgeous blue eyes to charm the Korean stewardesses…so now I am going to go and raise a glass of good Chardonnay for all good things happening in the next 48 hours !

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