My new cards in Arabic

So clearly my new business cards arrived today – I have enough to hand it to everyone on my 20 hour journey to Casablanca and to any person or camel I meet in Morocco. Given they will be pretty much useless after June 15, I better start giving them out to whomever asks! #ibmcsc

My last Arabic class is today and I feel like I made some progress. I can read – I probably sound pathetic and don’t know what I am saying but hey – what a progress from 6 weeks ago ! It doesn’t feel that overwhelming anymore and now I am focusing on vocabulary growth. I can’t do Arabic 102 but will continue with the textbook and the online exercises. Now, let’s try to absorb something in Thai !

(s̄wạs̄dī)= hello? no worries, me confused too =  لا تقلق                        20130328-162601.jpg

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