Carbs, carbs – eating as the Czech I am

Deep inside, I am always a little offended when people say Czech cuisine is nothing to brag about. Yes, it is not French extravaganza – but it understandably has a big spot in my heart (or stomach). Those of you who have no clue what Czech food is – let me just say few words – fat, heavy, blend. At least that is what my husband says 🙂 Who is he, half Irish talking – maybe it is the proud Italian chirping through.

That said, I tend to watch my carbs but when I am home, I do not care. You really can’t eat Czech food without carbs. Duck, pork, lots of cabbage as side, soup, anything – and dumplings everywhere – which Mia called “that bread”. On the picture below, you will see staples of our cuisine – goulash, duck, potato latkes, kulajda (mushroom soup with dill) and I missed even more. From sweets – I am a die hard poppy seed fanatic and I can NEVER find it anywhere here. I am not kidding – I had 2 poppy seed kolache daily – I could live on those things. Mia hated those so I gulped hers down too 🙂 No waste. I am beginning to think it is more of an acquired taste?

Which one would you eat first?

So with food come restaurants… After 20 years away, I shouldn’t be surprised that many have gone belly bust, especially this year. Many made it thru though and shout out to these few that I thought were awesome – 500 restaurant, this awesome desert place Cukrarna Lukas Skala, this small southern Bohemia village gem Na verpanku, this farm with minigolf Selsky stit, Lokal U Zavadilu.

I am still feeling the impact of all this foodie adventure so down with the carbs, up with the salads AND the quintessential gem you need to have with everything – beer for a dollar ! Na zdravi… or chin chin

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