When sharks come to NC, so do we

Yep, that’s right – we planned it like that apparently. While we booked the Outerbanks vacation with the whole family (22 pple) in March, the sharks decided to make it their own vacay spot right after us. Trendsetters we are for the aquamarine life. Despite the weekly news on various NC shark attacks, we packed our brood (all kids and all dogs) and 24 hours after my India landing, fully jetlagged, we drove in 2 cars for 6 hours first, and then 4 more to Nags Head, NC.

Our mid-stop, Fayetteville, NC was our first stay in motel – Deluxe Inn. Not a huge choice of accommodation for 5 people and 2 dogs but it was definitely bonding as we climbed over each other and calmed down panicked dogs who thought this was probably a prison trip as we walked them in either Wendy’s or Burger King parking lot in 100F weather.

The house in Nags Head was stunning, very new and fit our needs perfectly. On the beach (irrelevant to swimming giving the sharks, but convenient for walking and views), new furnishings, tiles that looked like wood everywhere (helpful for puppies and we had 4 dogs all together), two laundry rooms, 2 of every appliance, nice pool, outdoor shower, elevator – perfect!

Sharks – didn’t see any but stayed away from the deep water at all times. Dolphins and pelicans everywhere as always. Beaches almost empty and hot hot sand. Besides one fishing trip, we really hung out as a family together at the pool, played games, watched movies, went out for dinner, played one game of family football on the beach which was hilarious (the kids thought the adults were incompetent and hindering their skills).

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