All clear

I am hoping this is a last blog post in this “brain” series. For at least a while. On Friday, I went for my first post treatment MRI – first one since surgery. Big deal as this was the baseline and a bit of a check if everything worked.  For once, the Xanax worked a bit too much as I was a little loopy and almost fell asleep in the machine! (big progress from my first/second panic MRI). I am a pro, unfortunately. Written results came in 3 hours later (love the efficiency!) with lots of radiology blah blah.

So translation was today as we had our clinic review – neurosurgeon, oncologist and radiation oncologist – so my whole support crew. I got to see the pictures of before and after – and learned that:

  • the “dent” in my brain is getting smaller – this is healing post surgery and all the radiation. Dent because my tumor wasn’t really in the brain but outside of it – so it created a dent into the brain.
  • the radiation zapping worked and “cleaned up” all the tissue/cells around it
  • chemo pills are still working on the microscopic pieces
  • my scars heal exceptionally well
  • I am still pretty rare case so observation every 2 months + MRI
  • I rock the scarves
  • Stopped losing weight and maintaining
  • I don’t miss the radiation office
  • I know Piedmont hospital ins and outs very very well

Back to work, back to normal with occasional doctor visit. Life is not the same as I am a bit more on the edge going to doctor’s office for anything now. I lost some anonymity with my new fashion trends. I gained perspective and care way less about certain things. But other than that, it is not that different. I feel great, if anything as if I just acted in someone else’s movie and came right back home.

My next blog will be travel again 🙂



  1. Glad to hear everything is going well. Was thinking about you this weekend. Looking forward to hearing about your next travel adventure!


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