Kentucky – roadtrip through midwest


I am thrilled to be writing about travel again! Before my little (!?) health escapade, we planned to do Utah national parks for spring break. Well, that idea died in December when hiking and rafting seemed like an utopia. But we had to get out of Atlanta. So we decided to explore Midwest!

I’ve never really been a tourist in Midwest, despite multiple work trips where you see lots of airports and corporate offices. We decided to drive to Chicago and stop in Louisville, KY on the way there – and in Nashville, TN on the way back. In a car, 11 hours one way – all five of us together, yeah it seemed like a good idea in December.

Car packed with clothes for possible 3 different seasons, our first stop was for lunch in Red Lobster in Tennessee where food is getting worse year by year – when even children who used to be huge fans comment on it, you know it is not a good sign. But the lack of good food on roadtrips is a huge hole in the market – this was our best option for the keto dieters. As we were climbing to the car from all different directions, Maxie kicked out my Rio shoes that were sitting on our bag – without anyone noticing – so bye my roadtrip walking shoes and my favorite Olympics token. I was pouting to Louisville and desperately trying to remember it was just sneakers.


It’s a whole new world out there, outside of a large city – for example, you have specialized stores for Christian apparel – I begged Brian to stop but he drove by scared I’d create some faux pas and we would be either crucified or maybe face a few guns. (yes, I went there).

Louisville – Springhill Suites, mind you suites, that’s all we wanted – a little space. Ah, average, but we did get to share the hotel with some AA level baseball team for Cincinnati Reds? I guess that means something and more than just a bunch of well built young guys 🙂 Polite and practiced some Spanish.  This town is also a sentimental spot for our family – Brian’s mum grew up here and her sister and family still do. They hosted us for Easter on a cold rainy Sunday and it was so nice to connect with all of them. I am utterly impressed with Brian’s 93 years old aunt who has it all together than most of us, lives alone and has a huge folder per year of family history.  Some pretty interesting food in this Louisville joint Doc Crow’s – the only thing opened in downtown on Easter Sunday. We did love the Churchill Downs tour though – the inside look was awesome in 12C rainy weather and we became masters in Kentucky Derby trivia. The museum was surprisingly well done, with a 360 movie, lots of games on betting and running – and of course a great collection of hats (yep, got one!).


On to Chicago….. through lots of flat land and wind mills… and more cold.

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  1. Haha! I love seeing people from outside of Kentucky visit and hearing their review. I’m from East Kentucky 🙂 This is the cooler side of the state! I have an east KY bucket list on my blog.


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