Ghosts and fish in Carolina

Given our failure of fishing in northern ponds, we opted to hit the beach for fall break (which in the South means another week off to test the creativity of parent planning). Kids love hotels and were begging to go to Omni in Hilton Head where we spent the fall break 2 years ago with friends. Well, they love the BREAKFAST in hotels so we went for it and added Charleston to the itinerary to see something new.

Charleston – as always, lovely town with fantastic food, great history, sweets and people. We opted for a night ghost tour this time around and weren’t disappointed. Who knew Charleston had so many haunted stories, headless people and ladies in white? The walk through the graveyard at night was particularly creepy and magically attached all 3 children to us like leeches 🙂 Need to use that a bit more. I was also impressed by the Residence Inn spacious rooms – 3 room apartment with kitchen, full breakfast and a pool was a great deal for $200/night. A shuttle to downtown was super convenient – so high five.

The fishing trip didn’t disappoint – we actually went out to the sea with this captain before and loved it – so kids asked for it again. 3 hours in the harbor with 2 huge red fish and some small blue fish where every kid actually pulled the fish out and felt accomplished – highly recommended. No sharks this time but plenty of entertainment and fish blood to go around – and no “spitting” as would Mia put her seasick stomach. Thanks Dramamine!

We ended the long weekend in Hilton Head – the family favorite. Omni and its breakfast did the job (the buffet was literally the highlight of the trip for all 3 of them). Pool, daiquiris, little bit of beach and biking – nothing compared to the adrenaline of every am when we were going down to eat – the fact that they could go and put as much syrup on everything, order own eggs, omelettes, waffles – why do we even schedule any activities again? Mia mastered her biking skills given the empty beach (despite her objections that it is incredibly crowded and she will hit someone).

We stopped in Savannah on the way back – our first time and loved the Garden of Evil feel of it…. you know what I mean. Made kids walk more than 15 blocks through a city to see the gorgeous  mansions, picked up some fudge, walked by the River road and loved it. Need to come back for longer.

Great getaway with activities and relaxation + enough breakfast to satisfy an army = Success!


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