Enjoying the view you can’t see

One of my favorite moments from Brazil was seeing a gentleman from the Lesotho delegation at the Sugar Loaf. I was in the funicular with 2 of them and noticed that one of them is blind – but I really noticed his gorgeous hat and colorful clothes mostly!

On the top, as I – and other thousands of tourists – admire THE views which is the only reason you really go up there – I saw him standing by the edge looking out. Clearly, he either couldn’t see anything or just saw silhouettes or blurry images – but his demeanor and posture made me stop. As everyone else was watching Rio and sun – I literally stared at him. How ironic that the blind person here is the one that enjoys the view the most, the one not staring through a camera or not watching for the best corner to capture the most liked Instagram shot. It was calming, made me think and at some level so telling what these Games were about…. people enjoying each other, the diversity of the event, country – but experiencing it in their own way. My favorite picture.



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