Carioca weekend getaway

My last weekend was going to be off. I got a backpack and certificate during my last work day and out to celebrate and relax. We went to Buzios – a fishing village about 2 hours away north, on the beach.

Place is gorgeous – quaint, full of stores and restaurants around quiet beaches. No high rises, everything low to the ground, very natural and local. Lavinia’s in laws have a house here so truly local.



It feels as if you are participating in a painting a little, in the 60s. Apparently the town became famous after Brigitte Bardot spent summer here and then it just took off. It still has a lot of BB memorabilia, the main street is named after her and a bit of a creepy statue is on the beach – she sits on a suitcase, a bit tense looking – as if she just got off the boat. Nevertheless, a must picture!

photogrid_1474307385652.jpg We literally spent 4 hours in one restaurant, just drinking caipirinhas, watching the beach, eating oysters…. perfect Friday!


On Saturday, the whole Flach family went on a tourist boat – for me. They truly went out of their way to show me their town and country. Bruno’s parents made a Brazilian barbecue with lots of meat, tapioca flour, garlic bread  and of course, caipirinhas. It was a beautiful wekeend – despite the fact that Lavi and I got really sick overnight and passed each other at the bathroom door. We were out of it for my last day in Rio and poor Bruno had to drive two unpleasant looking patients back. No, not caipirinha effect – but maybe the oysters that I so enjoyed above?


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