Come and get your uniform

I get an email from Rio 2016 everyday now. Sign up for the venue training, sing up for uniform pickup, buy tickets, sign up for Portuguese …Today I signed up for the uniform pick up at Gambeo – a suburb in Rio on an opposite site of Barra Olympic park. Apparently, I have to go and wait in line, get my uniform (socks, sneakers, shirts, pants, fanny pack, water bottle) and my accreditation + transport card. Fortunately, Lavinia offered to take me there as the public bus that was suggested seems “undesirable” and it is a public holiday in Rio on the 7th of September.

uniform mtg

In the meantime, I am nowhere near ready for Rio. Most of my free time is spent watching what is happening in Rio now and researching some Paralympics names and sports. I hope to see some events while there so also trying to buy some tickets (Opening ceremony, here we come!). I am also collecting all Mia’s dresses for Amora, Lavinia’s 18 months daughter – love going through all the little clothes for sweet girls.

Work has been a bit crazy – so I haven’t really thought about packing or purchasing anything. Last time this year, I was getting ready for India and way ahead with my Hermione tool box (yes, that is what I was called as I had everything you may need trash researching).

2 more weeks to go #rio2016 #brazil

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