For the past month, I have been trying to change my schedule for the games. As of now, it goes out pretty late which should not be surprising because all the tennis events are in the evening. But 1130 pm in Rio, 90 mins away from Lavinia’s house on the bus is not my cup of tea from safety perspective. Not to mention, I was planning a weekend getaway with Lavinia so it is a bit spread out!

The customer service has been outsourced to Lavinia – well, she offered as our hypothesis was it would be easier in Portuguese (THE sweetheart!) They seem receptive to changing the schedule or the venue but their SLAs are consistently un-met. 48 hours, 72 hours and we never hear anything. So, not very optimistic here given the Olympics start in a week and I can just imagine what a nightmare it is down there right now.

So Plan B is this – rent Airbnb room/apartment right next to the tennis arena for the 5 days 11th to 16th and stay in Barra to have an easy and safe commute. Do some Olympics watching in the morning, go to work and come back. And then spend the rest of it with Lavinia and her family at Copacabana. Hopefully it works out – Airbnb still has a lot of places 5-10 mins away from the arena  – so go with the flow 🙂

Rio schedule