Hello Rio – from the outside!

My 2nd invitation arrived, this time for ParaOlympics which are the games for disabled, in September. Who would have thought I am going to be making all these decisions in cold February…

I let go of the original invite for basketball, for a few reasons. First, the flight costs were out of control (think $6,000 a ticket!). Second, Mia is starting kindergarten on the first day of the Games. This is my baby girl going to big school and I felt very uneasy not being here. Third, we as a family love to watch Olympics together – it is basically a total marathon on 3 TVs – cheering, screaming, loving it ! And I also didn’t want to miss that. It seems as I wouldn’t get to see much of the actual Olympics anyway – because the tickets are sold out and are located all over the country (and I’d be working anyway!).

So – my ParaOlympics experience will happen. It is in September, 10 days only – flights and apartments are reasonably priced. School will be in full swing and honestly, I would love to see the superb athletes rocking it out there 10x better than me – in a wheelchair! I get to watch the Games with the kids, see Mia on the bus on her 1st day and still enjoy the Olympic spirit.

Tennis arena at Barra – I am coming your way ! #rio2016165817_8-LG-SD

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