The smart city wallas !

This may sound unbelievable – and it sure feels surreal – but we are a bit of  media stars in Uttar Pradesh. Basically, there is always someone with camera following us and there is always an article in newspapers on our movements. I have not see a single tourist in Allahabad since we arrived, literally, not a single white person – which translates to this:

        • Lots of attention everywhere. We walk to the gym and people start talking to us about smart city. We walk to the city hall and everyone starts running around looking for the commissioner.
        • Lots of looks and stares and pointing – the “smart city wallas” we are called – the smart city people 🙂
        • A bit more staring at me that I am aware of… literally, eyes hooked on me in the car or walking – no groping or touching or anything in appropriate but I can see I am watched. I also feel a bit like I am chained as we are stuck in a hotel a lot + I can’t really leave the hotel by myself.
        • Cars slowing down when we walk by and pointing
        • People are a bit apprehensive talking about issues so everything seems to be fine all the time, as they are a bit concerned where it will go – but the citizens are definitely vocal.
        • A bit more coverage for me when it comes to clothes – definitely left the shorts or skirts in the hotel room – you recall I created a bit of a stir with my shorts in the gym, so they haven’t made appearance since.

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