Beach, sharks, kayaks, great food – Kiawah again

We came to the same house – loved it last year so why not again. The kids consider it our beach house so felt just like home. The owners have graciously given us a repeated customers discount plus we can take dogs, so absolutely perfect for us. We didn’t know it then but this was to be our last vacation with Rosie (our 13 years old basset) so it is a bit bittersweet to write about it now, 3 months later.

Rose, her last month with us
Rose, her last month with us

To summarize our trip, a few events that are stuck to my memory:

  • Max and our au pair getting lost on Day 1, at night on a bike… the 30 mins of panic in a pitch black dark while calling for them – and the scenarios streaming in my head are truly memorable
  • Rosie wondering around the alligator pond and watching the “allie” while we were frantically looking for her – because who would have thought that a 13 yrs old slow basset would be able to get lost (she sneaked out).
  • Shark fishing trip – absolutely fabulous – 3 hours of hands on experience, 3 large sharks pulled out of water by us and great history talk with it by John – (read my Tripadvisor review here). This is a tradition by now for us as Lucas turned 9 that day (see our last year trip – we learned our lesson and Dramamine it was !)

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  • Lucas’s expression when he got iPad for his birthday – disbelief
  • Great food at Fat Hen and Wild Olive – truly phenomenal restaurants in Low country, you have to go if you are there !
  • Charleston trip (in 100F heat, how else would you do it?) – with Lucas and Mia in the horse carriage and Mia playing with the horse pee marker thinking that is a squeaky toy – lovely
  • Crabs, crabs everywhere… catching them everyday, naming them and letting them go. Finding new ways to lose the crab nets and dig for them, hoping they don’t bit your toe
  • Seeing an alligator 2 feet away from you on a bike path, resting – our heart not so much and our legs accelerating
  • Kayaking among dolphins in the marsh
  • Turtles, cranes, alligators, deer…. the wildlife is amazing

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