Road tripping to Washington, Nesee

Yep, we are on the move again  – if you dont speak toddler language, translation “heading to Washington, DC”.  In a car, with 2 stops.

I was pleasantly surprised and reminded that the kids are pretty well seasoned travelers. They were ready with their monsters, penguins and ladybug luggage the day before, with all necessary toys and entertainment in them – you could find rocks, puzzles we haven’t touched for 3 years, random pieces of games that do not fit together and overbundance of stuffed animals that could fill one whole bed. Forget clothes, who needs those? But we left on time, post early dismissal which so far is the highlight of the vacation for the boys.

Well, I can’t blame them, we are at our midstop in Durham, NC in Hampton Inn – and even my littlest was a little puzzled as to what exactly is this vacation about sitting in the room last night. Washington, Nessee or Tennessee is a little underwhelming so far 🙂

We did all agree on our roadtrip anthem, after some negotiation between Anaconda (seriously, where do they get this from) but we settled on Uptown ! Pretty amazing how a basic hotel can make 3 midgets happy…

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