Sawadee locally – missing Thailand

Last year this time, we were getting ready for our Thailand trip. This week is Spring break again and we are staying very very local. Not even leaving the state until Thursday for a quick trip to Chattanooga to hang glide ! Today, we decided to get a little nostalgic and remember our great Thai trip. After a huge storm overnight, we headed to a pool for an hour of splashing and swimming which was then followed by a lunch at Tuk Tuk which was Lucas’s choice. He really wanted to ride one so was a little disappointed when it turned out to be just a decoration at the door. We loved the food and the boys ordered a 2nd lunch – they also loved making their own Bangkok snow cone and had a conversations with the waitress about Chiang Mai and the Songkran festival (their favorite part!). We learned that there is one, here in Atlanta next week, so will be heading there to get really wet !

We topped the day with a movie (not a Thai one). The best part was when we got home and decided to watch some Travel channel or NG Wild on TV as a family. Guess what was on? The Bizarre Food show and it was from Thailand. The boys were really grateful (and Brian and I  really milked it as they were serving dinner tonight) that we didn’t make them eat fried rats, cow dunk beetles and still jumping shrimp last year 🙂 We like to do it local, but not SO local ! Glad we didn’t see this last year as they would have studied every piece of food in front of them… but boy, the chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli tasted good tonight…

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