How you ski in a technology world – with 3 kids

Admittedly, I haven’t been on my skis for over 8 years, so was a little nervous at the end of November  when we outsourced the children to the Vail Resorts Management company for a hefty fee – and got on a slope for adult only day. Wow, things got very techy in the skiing world… you don’t need to keep your pass on a zipper, everything is RF enabled, everything tracks where you are and counts your points, feet, distance, pictures – all through mobile experience as well. It was pretty amazing and we felt like we just popped into 2013 from the 50s – totally clueless 🙂

the pass that tracks you everywhere!

The children outsourcing was actually very smooth and amazing experience. This company really knows how to turn an entire town into a real customer experience. We signed up the boys for 3 full days of skiing school and I have nothing but the best things to say about the Vail Skiing School – fantastic crowd, very energetic, hard working (imagine dragging 5 years old around slope all day while they are on the ground, not able to get up for most of this time). Everything was done to please the parents and kids and while it is ridiculously expensive – think $200 a kid/day with the gear – everyone loved it.

You can really tell the difference in personalities of my boys from skiing. Max, fearless and strong, taking it down and enjoying every minute – proclaiming proudly that he was the best skier on the slope, will be the best female skier in the world as his profession (this he got from the Lindsey Vonn propaganda, not knowing what female is) and wanting to come back for spring break. Lucas, cautiously going down, figuring out the most efficient process to learn it fast and flawlessly while not getting hurt – still pronouncing himself 4 levels above his proficiency at the end of the day. So, we don’t lack confidence but I was proud of them sticking with it 8 hours a day for 3 straight days – it was hard work. Mia enjoyed the skiing daycare while Brian and I LOVED spending the whole day on the slope by ourselves.

Didn’t like leaving Mia in a daycare when the weather was so gorgeous though, so skipped skiing and took her for ice cream, watching boys, sledding and hanging out in Vail. She was a trooper and even though she looked like a stuffed sausage in her layers, didn’t complain once.

So skiing with kids was a success, exhausting though. We all passed out every night – Brian and I were exhausted just from putting all the layers on the kids and keeping track of them as they managed to unload them throughout the day. We made it without losing a single piece of clothing – hallelujah ! We will be back in April to make Maxie into the best female skier in the world 🙂


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