Food, finally!

I waited long enough to do a post on food (#ibmcsc). If I did it the first day, it would have been very different than today. I am craving Mexican, Indian, Thai and any other food but Moroccan after 3.5 weeks. I will start with the good:

  • the mint tea that comes with everything is delicious
  • if done well, the tajine is excellent, soft meat
  • the variety of cookies is unbelievable, full of almonds, walnuts, honey – see how to make the best almond cookies
  • the 5DH (70 cents) harira typical Moroccan (vegetable, garbanzo) soup is really good and one of my favorites – we go close to every 2nd day
  • the little tapas with various dishes are to die for
  • the dishes the tajine comes in are really nice
  • love the minced meat (kefta)
  • the fresh squeezed shakes or juices are wonderful and great variety
  • the fresh markets with vegetables and food are fantastic – yet, see below

Now the not so good:

  • the variety is minimal: tajine, couscous, kebab, harira is pretty much it – with fries. Having it more than 2x a week is too much.
  • the creativity or innovation is non existent –
  • the little tapas are rare
  • the fresh vegetables are sold everywhere, yet the menus rarely reflect it
  • spicing it up with real spices, salt or even some ethnic restaurants would be so refreshing
  • the couscous – very different from what I make – and all of us women agree that ours is a little better – this one is a little to soggy and minimal spices
  • prices – yeah – about that, needs a new blog post – never fixed, at times adjusted for tourists
  • ice cream is hard to find !

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  1. I just read all the post and viewed the pics. What an experience. So cool to be saturated in a culture (or several cultures) for an extended period of time. Reminds me of my assignment in India. The pics you’ve posted are awesome. I love the old narrow streets and colored buildings. Great experiencing this with you via the blog/pics. Enjoy.


  2. great update, but a place with no ice cream to me is not a place to be! love ice cream! anywhere i travel i am sure to try it


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