On the way from Fez, we stopped in Volubilis, an excavated Roman city that was the southern most part of the Roman empire from 20 BC to about year 300. And even though I am used to old archeological sites from home, this was very impressive and very well preserved site. I was shocked that it was so publicly accessible and open, uncovered – but then why not? The Romans lived an impressive life there, with huge mansions, fountains, central heating system, sanitation and water system. It really made me wonder where we would be if they kept their empire together a little longer. Well, I guess a while longer.

I wish I took a picture of our lunch at the village of  Moulay Idrissi where we all got hooked on Indian soap opera in a restaurant and even tried to predict the end of the dramatic scene.  I realized that soap operas seem to be the same around the world and you don’t need any voice over-  it is all face acting. The international language crossing borders ! #ibmcsc