Following in Bourdain’s footsteps

Ryo, Lavinia and I had a long day (tend to have long working days here), so decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner on the way back to the hotel.

Remember that post about me watching Bourdain’s Parts Unknown 4 days before my departure? Since I arrived, I have seen 3 people from that garden party in a restaurant, ate close to everything they had in the show – and today, I finally visited the fish restaurant. It was the best food I had so far – the menu is fixed so you have no choice and no idea what you get. Apparently, the owners is a little crazy and you shouldn’t go when he is mad. Well, he wasn’t there for our dinner, so I guess we got lucky. The line when we were leaving was pretty long as the restaurant is very small and fits about 20 people.

IMG_2359  IMG_2358

The dinner started with olives, hot pepper spread, Moroccan bread, the raisin/juice drink, smoked olives/walnuts, and fish stew. Continued with some hot fish spices and then ended with John Dory with garlic/cilantro. Desert was honey/nuts and strawberries/honey/nuts. Overall, a winner. #ibmcsc

IMG_0595[1] IMG_0597[1] IMG_0598[1]

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