Phuket and the wedding and family

So we transferred to the South and things are very different down here – first, it is very commercial and touristy – and surprisingly Russian. Never thought I’d practice Russian in Thailand but I at least get to read it a lot as every menu that is handed to me is in cyrillic. Not sure if I just look it or if they do this to everyone but there are more Russian tourists here than all tourists together in Chiang Mai!

Lucas’s diary:
Day 6:
I was on a plane for 2 hor wars (hmm, our spelling is getting creative) so I played games for 1 hoewer. So soon was at the airport and I saw my grandma. The hotel was good. I played in the pool.

Day 7:
I eat breakfast. Then I played in the pool for 8 hoes (yes, literally from 830 am til 6 pm). So I played with my cousins for 8 hores. Coolest happening now! We got in three cars. We went to a restrant. I got soda. Then I got in a disko car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 8:
I went to Kids club. I watched a movie Ice Age and made pithine (ouch, picture) of birds. then I got on a crocdile toy. Then I went to the pool for 3 hores. We played spys. Then I went to sleep.

Day 9:
First we were dansing to a WEDING!! But the hard part was I was caring (carrying) things. Then mongs were there, then we went to a temple and took a pikchrs (pictures). Then I went to the pool. Not much after that, I watched cartoones with my cousins. Finley (finally), we eat dinner then BIG CAKE!
Peter and Kiah getting maryed!

Day 10:
Today we got up very erly (early). We were going on a boat to Hong bay. We saw lots of things like a man who collects bird nests and lives in a cave. I saw fish. We saw 1000 year old tree. We eat lunch in a flloting villige (floating village).

Phang Nga Bay
Phang Nga Bay

Mum’s translation:
Lots of fun in the pool with the cousins who they don’t get to see much – and drinking sodas which they don’t get to drink ever ! But its safer than regular water and its vacation. Tuk tuks with loud discos are a big hit and we can’t travel in anything else anymore. The Buddhist wedding was fascinating (and the carrying part was Petr’s family dancing with gifts for Kiah’s family – so we all had to carry food and palm trees and stuff as our gifts). And then today’s Phang Nga Bay trip on speedboat was really fun – floating village, walking fish, sea gypsies, canoeing in caves and gorgeous gorgeous limestone islands.

Floating village
Floating village

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