Rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain! She’s got it

I know, you are thinking, what is that? If you’ve seen My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn, you are singing with me…it waudrey_hepburn_my_fair_ladyas one of the first US movies I have ever seen in English when I was 12 and since I couldn’t understand the accents at all, I kept coming back to this song and the clear pronunciation. My parents got it as our first VHS and I watched her for hours in that white dress and huge hat at the derby.

So, not to confuse my Thailand and Morocco trips with another trip – but this week I planned an adult-only trip to southern Spain. This one I am probably excited about the most –  right now. After the Morocco #ibmcsc assignment, I will be meeting up with Brian (my husband) in Madrid and we will drive to Cordoba, Seville and Granada – just the 2 of us in nice little Audi (not a van!), lots of real food, cheese, wine, paella and nice little boutique hotels. I may actually understand something for a change and not think about work or which midget is falling off the cliff.

So brushing up on my Spanish, hoping for no rain in Spain, absorbing much more Arabic (more on progress next time), learning more about my teammates in Morocco ….

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