Planning has started – for Thailand !

Before I head off to Morocco for a month, we are actually going to Thailand – and when I say we, I mean WE, all five of us in the Santa Barbara Atlanta clan. So, yes, I am taking 3 children under 7 years old on a 24+hour trip, and strangely I am looking forward to it. Well, I am looking forward to the stay there, not how we get there.

This blog is about my travel everywhere, so I will mix it up with personal and business trips. In the 5 months, I have 2 months worth of travel ahead of me and will cross 3/4 of the world. I haven’t done that in a while, and I certainly haven’t done that with the 3 midgets in a long time (or ever!). To be fair, we have a nice list of destinations under our belt:

  • Australia with an 18 months old for 3 weeks
  • About 6 trips to Europe with the boys and one 6 weeks long trip to Europe with all 3 of them, including a 10 days long road trip through Austria, Germany and Switzerland
  • Mexico – which actually sounds like a walk in the park at this point
Me and the midgets on the Vltava river

This is me and the boys/princess in Prague in June when we did our big trip to Europe last year. As you can see, I am usually holding on to one of them (or all 3) – but in all seriousness, the boys are getting easier. I just need enough of Apple products, melatonin and patience.

So why are we going on a 26 hour flight to Asia? My brother is getting married – yapee – and all my family is flying over. We will start in Chiang Mai where we have some elephant trekking planned and big time Thai new year celebration. Phuket after that for the big party as it is also my parents’ 40 year anniversary on the day of the wedding!

Our hotel in Chiang Mai – can’t wait

The boys are getting excited – Lucas’s obsession with virology kicked in and he is planning  on how to attack occasional occurrence of Ebola virus – we do live 5 mins from CDC so it is so close 🙂 – may need to work on that a little. Max thinks we are leaving tomorrow everyday – and when you ask where are we going, you get anything from Asheville to dowtown to that country that starts with Tea. More on Morocco prep next time, have a first team call this week and then Arabic class !

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