Moravia retreat

So this year, we ventured outside of Prague and Southern Bohemia and drove to the most southern part of Moravia (eastern part of CZ) which is famous for wine, music and overall folklore. We booked a long weekend in Hnanice, hotel Happy star – with average expectations. One mile from Austrian border, this little “resort” has far exceeded all of them.

We drove about 2.5 hours on highway and it struck me how many castles and palaces are in the Czech republic. Every 5 mile there was a sign for one – literally everywhere and I have hardly seen 10% of them – likely the most famous ones around Prague and that’s it. We stopped for lunch at a farm Bily Beranek which had awesome food, playground and of course sheep (the name is White Ram).

The hotel was awesome. Large rooms, indoor pool, spa, ping pong, billiard, wine cellar, gym, playground, bowling alley, you name it. All small and family style so not a huge chain type of thing. It also had “biotop” which I had no clue what it was – apparently an outside water body that has some bacteria in it that maintains natural acidity of the water or something like that – I didn’t really get it so Google it. It was gorgeous and empty and clean so I didn’t ask.

Biotop anyone?

Next day, we decided to do a castle exploration to Vranov nad Dyji and Bitov – both I knew of but never been to. Of course, we get there and both are closed because that’s what happens on Monday, apparently. We ended up stopping there again on the way back home and even did the tour. We also managed to attend a reptile exhibit at the castle – yes, I was also expecting large chameleons in the 16th century castle in the middle of Central Europe – ha – who knew – I guess it made things more interesting for Mia.

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