One year later – Morocco for others

Over the past 3 months I have been helping the next CSC Morocco team (5th to be exact!) to prepare for their adventure in Casablanca from April 25 – May 24th. The assignment really starts 3 months prior to your departure as the team needs to do some education, training and learning on the country, the team themselves and the client. I have so enjoyed our Wednesdays 8 am weekly as I got to know the diversity of this team of 15 IBMers from across the world, divisions and skill sets. Their excitement and energy has made this call one I look forward to the most during the week – and I am at times thinking that I am living through their experiences myself and can go back to year ago when I was packing to go to Tangier. They are going to be documenting their adventures on their blog – so follow them !

A few reminders of Casablanca as to where they will spend the next month working on some fantastic project (AIDS foundation, tourism agency, hospital and Youth education agency). Good luck Morocco 5 and have fun !

PS. If you are an IBMer, the application to this program is now open – so go ahead and apply !


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