In our client words

I was very happy to receive this note today from Gerald Loftus, the director of TALIM and one of the VPs in our client. Since I left business consulting 6 years ago, I don’t interact with clients directly often – and I didn’t realize how much I missed it until now. The interaction, the impact you have, the knowledge you share, the consulting team interaction and the relationships you start.

Thank you, FTAM, Gerald, Adil, Hanae, Yhtimad, Noureddine and Najib – and Morocco! #ibmcsc


  1. Another inspiring post Misha.. I enjoyed this one as I want to work with external clients more too — but sometimes our paths go in a different way and we help those who are on the front lines by the work we do behind them. Nice kudos. and great job!


  2. Misha, what a wonderful article and a tribute to you and the IBM team for the work that you’ve done. Congratulations!!!


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